Saturday, December 27, 2008


We are still in Oklahoma spending time with family, we are going home in the morning. Today we had our family Christmas dinner, it was so good. Don't think I could eat anything else. (lol)

My family played spoons while I sat back and took some pics. For those of you that don't know spoons can get dangerous. I've only played once and learned my lesson. Thought I'd just sit out on this one tonight. Good thing I did,it got crazy!!! In this picture you can see everyone is playing really nice with eachother. Thats only one of the many pictures that I took. LOL!
Here you can see everyone going for the spoons this is one of the nicer pictures.
And here is a picture of my daughter looking like she is about to dive on the table, my sister in
law jumping out of the way. My husband on his knees and my one of my sons laying on the floor. My other 3 sons are trying to stay out of the way, along with my nephew. My Mother (in law) finally asked them to stop playing cause it got worse then this. I'm just glad its called spoons and not forks or knives.

Just an FYI if anyone as any suggestions on my blog please let me know. I'm still new at this.